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Manufacture, supply and Installation of a Spartan Fit 34ft 'Wall Mounted' Warrior Rig (January 2016).

"From the very start at our initial enquiry stage, Marcus was extremely helpful and insightful. The honesty and transparency that we had from the beginning was refreshing from a supplier in this industry, and was one of the many reasons that we decided to go ahead and work in partnership with Spartan Fit. 

Marcus' clear expertise and passion were apparent from start to finish, and the efficiency and timekeeping was superb. 

Both Marcus and Jules made a superb job of the installation and we have already received compliments on how incredible the rig looks. 

The rig itself is quite obviously very well made. Although it is very cost effective, this in no way represents the quality of the product. The design is extremely well done, and the coating is perfect for all manner of workouts. 

Before we decided to go ahead with Spartan Fit we had a look at some of the other manufacturers' installations across the UK, and I can attest to the fact that although presently the name Spartan Fit isn't necessarily as well known as the bigger names, it soon will be. I am yet to find another rig that bests them. 

Excellent customer service, superb time-keeping and an incredible product at a very competitive price"

Thanks again and speak soon.


CrossFit Eton

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